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Yoga studios are everywhere in Newcastle and Gateshead these days. I’ve tried quite a few and let me tell you, finding the right one isn’t just about peace and zen. It’s like sorting through a pile of options, all promising to be the best. Here’s my straight-up opinion on them. Get ready, it’s quite the mix.

Hotpod Yoga

Have you ever walked into a place and felt like you’ve been transported to a different world? That’s me at Hotpod Yoga Gateshead. It’s like stepping into a cozy, dimly lit pod that’s infused with the scent of essential oils. It’s an out-of-this-world experience, almost like doing yoga in a spaceship.

The classes? They’re a wild ride, ranging from “I’m definitely melting” to “Wow, I didn’t realize I could bend like that.” And the prices can make you think twice as if you’re considering a major investment rather than just a yoga class. But they offer something called “Transformational Breathwork & Soundbath,” which is a nice change of pace when regular yoga isn’t enough.

girl doing yoga at Hotpod Yoga Gateshead

The instructors are so calm and collected, it makes me wonder if they’ve ever felt stressed. Every time they say “gently now, find your edge,” I end up questioning my life choices, especially while I’m twisted up in a hotpod trying to master a pretzel pose.

But all things considered, the place has its own charm. If you’re into hot yoga, or just curious about practicing your poses in a warm, whale-like belly, this could be your slice of heaven.

Yoga Embrace Studio

It’s run by Victoria, who’s super flexible, and she offers classes that’ll make you rethink everything while guiding you towards some serious relaxation—or at least a back that doesn’t complain.

Walking in, it feels like you’re visiting a friend who loves incense and yoga a lot. They’ve got everything from Vinyasa to Ashtanga, perfect for those who like a good, limb-loosening workout. And the Sound Bath sessions? They’re all about chilling out to the max on the floor.


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The cost is fair for what you get—£8 for a session where you’ll meet muscles you didn’t know you had. Victoria’s great at making everyone feel at home before leading a class that’ll make you feel it the next day.

So, if you’re up for stretching both body and mind and don’t mind a bit of post-yoga tenderness, Yoga Embrace Studio is your go-to place.

YogaTherapies Ltd.

Right in Newcastle’s bustling center, there’s this yoga studio that’s been around since 2010. It’s pretty much an old-timer in the yoga scene. They’ve got these “profoundly therapeutic vinyasa forms,” which is a fancy way of saying you’ll be moving a lot, in ways that’ll surprise you, all while someone super calm guides you through it.

What’s cool about this place? If you’re a premium member, you get into all the classes, score some discounts, and even get into special events. It’s like an exclusive club where your membership gets you all the yoga you can handle, not drinks. They’re proud of their “alignment-focused” sessions, which is awesome if you’ve ever twisted yourself up and thought you could be straighter.

If you’re really into yoga, they have online programs for Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra that you can do on your own time. It’s perfect for those days when you want to do yoga but can’t make it out of the house.

Price-wise, it’s a range. You might have to cut back on coffee to afford the Unlimited Yogi at £66, but a single class is just £12. It’s not too bad for a shot at peace and flexibility.

Happy Yoga Newcastle

Here, yoga is all about having a good time. It doesn’t matter if you’re as rigid as a board or as bendy as a gymnast—there’s a class for you. And for the athletes out there realizing they’re not as limber as they thought, this place has got your back.

The studio stands out with its focus on mental wellness along with the physical. It’s like they get that calming your mind is just as important as nailing that pose. They’ve got a bunch of classes aimed at easing stress, upping your flexibility game, and possibly boosting your mood.


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The prices are pretty clear-cut. If you’re new to the scene, you can snag an unlimited three-week pass for just £30. For those who are all in on yoga, memberships vary from £20 to £55 monthly, which is a bargain compared to the cost of fretting over life’s big questions every week.

To sum it up, Happy Yoga Newcastle is where you head when you’re looking to walk out feeling a tad more cheerful than you came in. It’s a spot that proves a little stretching and some shared laughs can go a long way in finding happiness.

Final Thoughts

After trying out various yoga studios in Newcastle and Gateshead, I’ve landed on a favorite: Happy Yoga Newcastle. It’s not just the yoga itself that makes this place special, it’s the sense of community. Laughter is as much a part of the routine as the poses and mental health is given as much attention as physical health. Every class feels like it’s nudging me toward a happier state of being.

What clicks for me is how they make yoga fun and accessible, no matter your experience level. The focus on mental well-being, along with a diverse range of classes, provides a space where I can push my body’s limits and find some mental tranquility.

The classes are affordable, and the atmosphere is welcoming. In a time when wellness can seem out of reach, Happy Yoga Newcastle is a reminder that feeling good—both inside and out—shouldn’t cost a fortune.

So, that’s my take. My journey through the local yoga scene has been eye-opening, to say the least. But when it comes down to it, Happy Yoga Newcastle is where I feel at home.

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