A Runner’s Perspective: Quayside Running in Gateshead



The Quayside is a hidden gem. It’s got this charm with its old bridges and the gentle river. It’s not your typical flashy photo spot. But running here? It’s an adventure. You’re weaving through tourists, stepping over ancient cobblestones, all while chasing that first light by the Millennium Bridge. Because you know, without that snap, did it even count?

The Tyne Bridge is quite a landmark. It stands as a proud emblem of Newcastle and Gateshead. When you run across it, there’s this sense of joining history. It’s like you’re linking the old with the new. And those river views? They’re anything but ordinary.

A Little Bit of Competition

Gateshead quayside running

You can always go out for jogging. No matter the place, you can always find a decent route.

However, it’s always more interesting when other people are running, and trying to reach a determined checkpoint faster than each other. Well, that’s the whole point of Parkrun. It’s like an unofficial race where people will come and have fun.

Parkrun really captures what community runs are all about. It’s simple, open to everyone, and free. Every weekend, parks fill up with runners. We’re all different but we share the goal of finishing a 5km run.

It started as just a bunch of runners hanging out. Now, Parkrun is worldwide. Still, it’s kept its easy-going vibe. I show up, run, and that’s it. No fees, no fuss. It’s all about joining in, not winning.

What’s special about Parkrun isn’t just the running. It’s the people. I see regulars every time. We nod and cheer each other on. It’s a weekly thing that makes us feel we belong and we’ve done something good. It’s great for both newbies and pros.

In the North East, Parkruns are in beautiful spots. Town Moor, Jesmond Dene, and others. Each place makes the run special. Whether I’m running alone or with family, Parkrun is welcoming.

Now, let’s talk about the Great North 10k. It’s a big deal in Gateshead. The race covers 10 kilometers. It starts and ends on the Quayside. Runners pass by famous landmarks. Thousands participate. Some aim to win. Others just want to cross the finish line. It’s a challenge but in a fun way.

Runners of all levels join in. Some aim for new records. Others run for causes they believe in. The vibe? It’s buzzing. Fans cheer us on from the sidelines.

This event is also prep for the Great North Run. It checks our fitness and will. For some, it’s practice for longer runs. For others, it’s just for the love of running.

I can describe it as a day of personal wins, friendship, and local pride.

Runner's experience in Gateshead

Just finished the Great North 10k? Check out Strava’s 5k route. Perfect for new runners or a fast run.

Runners love this one. It shows off the Quayside’s beauty. You’ll see city sights and nature. It’s good for any speed. The Strava app has clear marks for the route. It takes you by the river, famous spots, and lively city parts.

You can run it anytime. It’s not set for a special day. People from here and out of town enjoy it. It shows what running in Gateshead is like.

Love running at night? Try the 10km Night Run by Walk Run Cycle. It makes the Quayside shine after dark. You’ll see the city in a new light.

The Night Run is easy to follow. It’s a round trip that starts and ends at the same place. The route is bright, so it’s safe. You’ll pass by the Quayside’s famous spots all lit up. See the Millennium Bridge, Tyne Bridge, and the Baltic Centre in their night-time glow.

Quayside routes for running

Runners of all kinds join in. Some like the cool night air. Some love the night vibes of the city. It is good for all levels.

Can’t decide where to run in Gateshead? There are lots of choices. After the Great North 10k and the Night Run, you still have many paths to try.

Town Moor is full of green spaces. It has open fields and woods. The Quayside gives you great views of the Tyne. Want a cultural run? Go around the Baltic Centre or through Ouseburn Valley. You’ll see art and history there.

Jesmond Dene is quiet with waterfalls and lots of trees. It’s away from the city noise. If you like the sea, run at the Tynemouth coast. It has cool breezes and beautiful views. It feels like a short vacation.

There are many routes in Gateshead, each different. Some are close to cafes for a post-run drink. They all offer something special. So put on your shoes and go wherever you feel like running.

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