About Us

Welcome to Tyne Wear Sport. We’re a group of friends who started this guide to share the diverse sports activities available in Tyne and Wear. Our goal is to inform you about the various sports you can enjoy, like cycling along the River Tyne, running on outdoor tracks, or hiking through scenic areas. We aim to be your go-to resource for an active lifestyle in Tyne and Wear.

Our Story

Tyne Wear Sport started from our collective passion for an active lifestyle and our affection for the Tyne and Wear area. We found that our regular activities, such as coastal runs, countryside hikes, or casual games at nearby sports clubs, were more than just hobbies – they defined our way of life.

We created Tyne Wear Sport to share our lifestyle and connect with others who feel the same.

Our expertise comes from our diverse experiences and our genuine enthusiasm for sports. We offer insights into a broad range of activities, all grounded in years of active participation, continuous learning, and exploring the localities of Tyne and Wear.

Meet Our Team

Lily-May Dillon


Lily-May, our Sunderland native, is the heartbeat of our team. Her love for Sunderland’s vibrant blend of urban and green spaces shines through in her dedication to fostering a community where sports unite everyone. Lily-May’s deep connection to the city’s history and energy drives her commitment to making sports a pivotal part of local culture.

Harry Poole


Hailing from Gateshead, Harry brings his passion for sports and community engagement to this team. With a rich background in promoting active lifestyles, Harry understands the power of sports in bringing people together and enhancing community cohesion. His focus is on inclusivity, ensuring that sports activities are accessible to all, reflecting our core values of health and community.

Robert Lewis


Rob is our adventure enthusiast from Newcastle and a professional P.E. teacher who is always up for a mountain bike ride around the city. His expertise in sports education and his zeal for trying new sports infuse Tyne Wear Sport with an infectious enthusiasm. Rob’s experiences as an educator and athlete greatly enrich our insights, helping us offer guides to the best sporting experiences.

Our Values and Mission

Tyne Wear Sport is more than a blog – it’s a community. Our values of inclusivity, health, and environmental awareness are at the heart of everything we do. We’re committed to making sports accessible to all, encouraging a healthy way of life, and taking care of the beautiful landscapes that we have the opportunity to enjoy.

Why Us?

Choose Tyne Wear Sport for a true, local take on an active life in Tyne and Wear. Our mix of personal experience, know-how, and focus on community sets us apart. We’re sharing more than activities. We’re extending an invitation to be part of a movement that values health, adventure, and our country’s spirit.

Ready to see Tyne and Wear in a new way? Join our next adventure. Follow us on social media, subscribe to our blog, and be part of the Tyne-Wear Sports community. Let’s make every day a chance to discover, push ourselves, and enjoy the outdoors together.

We’re committed to continually enhancing Tyne Wear Sport, guided by the beautiful landscapes we visit and the experiences you share with us. We aim to grow alongside our community and maintain our status as your trusted source for sports in Tyne and Wear.

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