Newcastle is North England’s most populous settlement, located on the River Tyne’s northern bank opposite Gateshead to the south.

In this section we will explore the bustling city life intertwined with nature’s beauty. Reveal cycling routes along the River Tyne, outdoor running tracks in urban parks and scenic hikes around iconic landmarks like Newcastle Castle and Jesmond Dene. Get ready for an active adventure in this vibrant city!


Best Outdoor Fitness Bootcamps in Newcastle

In the grand, unpredictable climate of Newcastle, where the sun graces us with its presence just enough to prevent full-blown vitamin D deficiency, the adventurous souls among us decide to take their fitness outside. Yes, braving the elements and possibly a seagull attack or two, these hardy individuals prefer their squats with a side of … Read more

From Quayside runs to Newcastle Marathon glory.

The Road to My First Marathon in Newcastle

I was just a regular guy, making my way along the Quayside. It was an ordinary day, avoiding pedestrians and pretending to take in the sights. Running was my alone time, a chance to step away from the daily grind. I wasn’t aiming for any athletic feats. But then, a thought struck me. It might … Read more

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