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In the grand, unpredictable climate of Newcastle, where the sun graces us with its presence just enough to prevent full-blown vitamin D deficiency, the adventurous souls among us decide to take their fitness outside.

Yes, braving the elements and possibly a seagull attack or two, these hardy individuals prefer their squats with a side of fresh air.

If you’re keen to join the ranks of these outdoor fitness enthusiasts (or simply looking to see what all the fuss is about before retreating back to the safety of your heated home), here’s a guide to the best outdoor fitness bootcamps in Newcastle that promise to kick your fitness up a notch while letting you absorb some nature (and, occasionally, rain!)

ODFC Fitness

Newcastle outdoor workout classes

ODFC Fitness is situated in Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear, at 143 North Jesmond Avenue, NE2 3JU. You can contact them via phone at 07900918938 or email at [email protected].

Positioned as a community-driven group fitness provider, ODFC Fitness offers an array of group classes designed for all abilities. They emphasize making fitness fun, accessible, and a shared journey towards becoming fitter, healthier, and happier.

Their approach is all about enjoying the process and getting results together, fostering a strong sense of community among participants.


David Fairlamb Fitness Beach Bootcamp

Set on the stunning Tynemouth Longsands Beach, David Fairlamb’s Beach Bootcamp is a unique way to get fit, with the added beauty of the beach setting. Designed to suit all fitness levels, these sessions include a mix of aerobic and bodyweight exercises.

Program Description
1. BaseCamp Newcastle’s only purpose-built private OUTDOOR gym offering fitness sessions for all abilities in a fun, firm, friendly environment.
2. BootCamp
  • Outdoor fitness based on modified military training since 1999, adaptable for all.
  • The foundation of the ODFC Fitness experience, focusing on fun and friendly fitness outdoors.
3. Ultimate Group Fitness (Indoors) Indoor classes focusing on fitness and strength through body conditioning, suitable for regular attendees.
Spinning An energetic cycling class with endurance and strength intervals, timed to music for a dynamic experience.
Fight Fit (Boxercise) A non-contact boxing workout using professional techniques to tone muscles and burn fat in a fun and challenging way.
Pilates A method focused on strengthening and lengthening muscles for improved overall health and wellbeing, recommended for serious practitioners.


There’s no booking or joining fee; it’s a pay-as-you-go setup at £5 per session, encouraging flexibility and ease of access.

Revolution Fitness

Known for being one of the most affordable bootcamps, Revolution Fitness in Newcastle runs its sessions at Westerhope Community Centre.

For £35, members get access to 12 x 45-minute classes over 4 weeks, along with free access to their Online Bootcamp, a Wellness Evaluation, and additional nutrition support. They occasionally run a £15 sale for new starters, making it even more accessible for those on a tight budget.

Highlite Fitness

Fitness boot camps in Newcastle

Initially started as an outdoor fitness group before transitioning to a studio, Highlite Fitness has roots in outdoor workouts.

While their focus now includes a modern gym and group fitness classes indoors, they still hold outdoor Bootcamp classes in Newcastle. They offer a 2-week free trial for new members, providing an opportunity to try their group fitness classes at no cost.

I found Highlite Fitness back when I thought outdoor fitness might magically make me enjoy exercise. You know, because apparently, the fresh air is supposed to make burpees feel like frolicking in a meadow or something. Highlite started outdoors, making us all believe we were just picnicking with occasional squats. Then they decided to move indoors because, surprise, the British weather isn’t always picnic-friendly.

I used their 2-week free trial to see if indoor air made me any fitter than outdoor air. Spoiler: air is air, but the indoor kind doesn’t come with unexpected rain showers.

Despite the shift, they still do these outdoor Bootcamp classes, which I attend, partly for the nostalgia, partly because I occasionally like to test if the weather gods are in a good mood.

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