How I Found the Right Fitness Class in Gateshead?



Hey, I’m Harry from Gateshead, and I’ve got a story for you. Finding the right way to get fit and stay active was a bit of a puzzle for me. Gateshead’s got more options than you’d think, and figuring out where I fit in took a bit of legwork.

Let me share how I ended up finding that perfect fitness class, the one that clicked. It wasn’t straightforward, but then again, what fun would it be if it was? Here’s my journey.

The Hunt Kicks Off

My experience with fitness has been quite varied. Initially, I started with jogging and moved on to trying out home workouts. I even gave those fitness DVDs a shot, the ones that claim you’ll transform dramatically in a month.  Well, that transformation didn’t happen. That’s when I thought it was time for a change.

I began exploring different fitness classes available in Gateshead to find what would work best for me. Gateshead offers a lot of choices for fitness. There are many classes available: yoga, Pilates, high-intensity interval training, and spin classes. Each gym has its special features.

I went ahead and tried various classes, from a Zumba class that challenged my coordination to a kettlebell workout that left me feeling the effects for days afterward.
And the whole point was to find the right place for my needs(even though I wasn’t even sure about what I wanted!). But I quickly spotted some gyms that looked just right.

I Started with PureGym

Gateshead fitness classes

Walking into PureGym Gateshead for the first time was a bit intimidating. The place was full of energy, and it seemed like everyone had their routine figured out. But soon, that sense of intimidation turned into a feeling of inspiration.

The gym offered a wide range of classes, from cardio workouts that had me sweating a lot to strength training that introduced me to muscles I didn’t know I had. Each class added something new. The instructors at PureGym truly made a difference.

They didn’t just conduct the classes. They were also there to offer support, push us further, and provide comfort when needed. I remember a particularly difficult session, and I was thinking about quitting. An instructor noticed and gave me a nod along with some encouraging words, which helped me keep going.

But I just wanted to explore more. You know, the only way you know you got the real deal is when you check out all options available.

3D Health and Fitness – My Next Stop

Choosing the best fitness class

3D Health and Fitness was a different experience for me. Unlike PureGym, it was where I found a sense of belonging. The setting was cozy and personal. The classes were enjoyable and social, almost like meeting friends, except we were exercising. They had a good mix of activities, including lively spin classes and yoga that benefited both mind and body.

The people at 3D Health and Fitness were very welcoming. This place taught me the importance of having support when you’re trying to stay fit. It was great to see the same people every week, to encourage one another, and to share our successes and the times we struggled. Every session felt like we were all in it together, celebrating each other’s progress.

After a month at 3D Health and Fitness, I felt the urge to see what else was out there. Even with my ongoing subscription, the positive feedback about another place sparked my curiosity.

GO Gateshead – The Final Choice!

Personal training in Gateshead

Where do I even start? The gym has a straightforward system for class levels: ‘GO Light’, ‘GO Moderate’, and ‘GO Tough’. You can choose based on how intense you want your workout to be. ‘GO Light’ is for an easier workout, ‘GO Moderate’ is for something in the middle, and ‘GO Tough’ is for a challenging session.

You get to pick your poison based on how much you want to suffer on any given day.

Want to feel like a feather floating in the breeze? GO Light’s your jam.

Fancy being a moderately sweaty mess? Step right up to GO Moderate.

Or maybe you’re in the mood to question all your life choices while gasping for air? GO Tough has got you covered.

And let’s talk about the community vibe. It’s like a cult but for fitness.

Everyone’s all smiles and high-fives, cheering you on as you collectively torture yourselves in the name of health.

The instructors? Oh, they’re the ringmasters of this circus, experts at disguising pain with encouragement.

They’ll push you to the brink of your sanity, all while making you feel like you’re just having a bit of fun.

And let me tell you this, the program and culture in Go Gateshead is just what I needed in my life. Now I feel more energized, more motivated for other things, and happier. It makes me feel better.

If you are ever passing by, this gym offers a one-day pass, so you can hop in and we can do a session together!

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