Club/Organisation: Go Tri Reason To Disability Triathlon

Nominated: Jo Shallcross & Tracey Sample

Role: Event Leads

The GO TRI Reason To Disability Triathlon offers those who need additional support the chance to take part in a triathlon. The triathlon is scalable and specialized equipment can be utilised by participants. There are a number of different distances which participants can compete in and it’s up to them to decide what they want to compete in on the day.


Samantha Morgan-Nicholson, Regional Manager for British Triathlon in the North East of England, said “Jo and Tracey have worked on this event for a number of years and it has continued to grow into an amazing community of families every single year. Whatever your disability, you can take part in a GO TRI triathlon. It’s such a special day with families seeing their loved ones compete against one another and take part. Jo and Tracey have so much expertise in the sport of triathlon that this event runs smoothly and participant’s return year on year with even bigger smiles on their faces.”

To find out more about the GO TRI Reason To Disability Triathlon, please visit:

Jo Shallcross and Tracey Sample lead on the event and are a key part of its success. Having been involved in the event for several years, they know how to put on a brilliant day for both participants and spectators. Nothing is too much trouble for them, they go above and beyond to ensure every participant has a fantastic experience, one which they’ll remember for a long time.