Sunderland College

When Sunderland College heard that the Pass On Your Passion campaign was coming to Tyne & Wear they knew just the group of coaches to involve.

Lucy Oliver, Sports Development Officer for the college gave us the details of the college's students who are studying sport and are all developing their coaching skills and qualifications. We went to the college's Sports Academy to meet some of them.

Student Emma Kirby explained how she first got into coaching. "I got into coaching when I was given an opportunity by my College football coach at the time, Mark. He gave me a chance to give it a go and it went from there. Now I am doing an apprenticeship and am loving it. I want to get as many people involved and active in sport, whether it be competitive or just social, as long as they enjoy it that's the main thing."

Megan Johnson, who is also a student at the college said: "Coaching has had a big impact on my own individual development as it has given me employment opportunities, such as being able to become a teaching assistant and has given me a lot more confidence. My coaching within the school encourages more people, especially a lot more girls, to participate inside and outside of school sporting activities. It also brings people together, from different backgrounds."

Jessica Kinghorn, coaches at Whitley Bay Junior Ice Hockey Club. She told, "I first got into coaching when I was 16 I had always wanted to help out as I noticed a real shortage of female coaches within sport. My uncle first mentioned becoming a coach to me and then the club suggested putting me through my level one coaching course as we have no female coaches within the club. Coaching has really benefited me as it has improved my CV and given me a much wider range of employment opportunities. It also helps you improve valuable life skills like confidence and leadership skills which transfer into everyday life situations. "

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