Club: North Tyneside Barbells

Nominated: Steve Sharp

Role: Head Coach

Steve is the Head Coach of North Tyneside Barbells, part of Unique Fitness North East, a gym that provides young people with the opportunity to participate in a range of sports you wouldn’t find on the school curriculum including; Olympic Weightlifting, Boxing & Muay Thai.

Steve founded North Tyneside Barbells in 2013 and has seen the club go from strength to strength. Steve is an accredited British Weightlifting Coach, focusing primarily on Olympic and Powerlifting movements. Steve leads the club’s junior weightlifting class which is open to those as young as eight. Under Steve’s tutelage, some members of the class have begun lifting competitively – leading to the class now containing the regions under 11 and under 13 champions.


Steve was nominated by Louise Archer, a regular at North Tyneside Barbells who had this to say “Steve is an amazing coach who makes everyone at the gym feel welcome. It’s fantastic to see the variety of people who come along to Steve’s classes, there really is something for everyone and every ability here! Steve is currently working with a 13-year-old boy who lost his leg as a result of bone cancer and a man who lost the use of his legs and has gone on to compete in the Invictus Games. The progress both have made has been brilliant, with Steve’s coaching playing a big part in this. I bring my young son along to train at the club and I couldn’t ask for a better coach for myself or my son, thank you Steve!”