Sportivate is a national participation programme, funded by Sport England, which started in 2011.  It aims to provide a range of attractive, accessible and sustainable sporting activities for 11-25 year olds. The programme gives young people access to six week blocks of free or subsidised coaching, primarily targeting those who currently take part in no, or very little, exercise.



Are you aged between 11 and 25 years old and currently take part in very little exercise?  Do you want to try a new sport or get back involved in one you used to play?

Through the Sportivate programme we are providing hundreds of opportunities for young people, particularly those who are currently inactive, to take part in a wide range of sports and activities.


Information for Organisers:

Sportivate Year 7

Sportivate provides opportunities for irregular or consistently inactive young people (aged 11-25) to receive six weeks of coaching in the sport of their choice and guiding them into regular participation within their community. Unlike previous years, the programme will only run up to December 2017, as opposed to March 2018, and has a much greater focus on targeting inactive young people.

Our Sportivate Application process is now closed.

If you feel you have a project that would fit the programme and would like to be added to the waiting list or have any further questions about the programme please contact Alex Fothergill on 0191 497 2327 or


    Current Deliverers

    If you have already been funded to provide Sportivate activities, there are a variety of tools and marketing materials available to help make sure your activities are as successful as possible.  Our Sportivate guidance document can be downloaded below, alongside the Sportivate posters, marketing pack, case studies and numerous other resources.  The guidance document has been produced to highlight the key requirements and information for all organisations involved in the delivery of the Sportivate programme in Tyne & Wear. 

    If you are a coach, please view the short animation below or download Sport England and Sport Coach UK's support guide below to find out how to create unmissable coaching sessions. These tools draw on recent research and contain fun ideas and tips for coaches that will help you in the delivery of your Sportivate sessions.

    If you would like more information about how Tyne & Wear Sport can support you, or if you need any help with the delivery of your projects, then please contact Alex Fothergill via 0191 497 2327 or