Many young people stop playing sport when they leave school; Satellite Clubs aim to prevent this by making the transition from school sport to community club easier.

The focus of Satellite Clubs is on the 11 – 25 year age group, a critical time when many young people stop playing sport.

Satellite Clubs are extensions of community sports clubs which can offer a different sporting experience for young people. Satellites differ because they bring sport to young people in very local venues and also because they aim to attract young people who are not typically very sporty.

Satellites are run by established sports clubs who bring their expertise and enthusiasm to local places where young people already meet. Together the club and participants create a satellite club that offers sport in the way that young people want to receive it.

In order for a satellite club to be successful it is crucial to understand the barriers that prevent young people from joining traditional sports clubs. Common barriers which young people often face are:

  • Affordability
  • Travel
  • Confidence

The current Satellite Club programme concluded on 31st March 2017; further information regarding the initiative will be shared in due course.

If you have any questions please contact Jade Mackie, Club Development Manager, Tyne and Wear Sport, or 0191 497 2329.

A list of all established Satellite Clubs in Tyne and Wear can be found here.