Our Active Workplace programme aims to get more people into sport and physical activity by engaging with them at their place of work. We work with local businesses to encourage and enable their employees to become more active, by providing attractive, affordable and accessible opportunities to try new sports and physical activities, in the hope that they will find one or more that will keep them active for life.

The Active Workplace Inactivity Project was launched in October 2017 and aims to target employees that are currently inactive and support them to take part in physical activity on a more regular basis. We commenced a very successful pilot project with a large manufacturing company in January 2018. 

The workplace inactivity project aimed to provide physical activity opportunities and lifestyle advice for 12 inactive employees (i.e. those taking part in less than 30 minutes of physical activity per week), and prove that employees who are engaged in regular physical activity are more active, healthy, motivated and productive.

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The programme lasted three months, and involved a personal trainer completing some initial physical exercise tests with the participants, as well as a pre-project attitudinal and behaviour survey being undertaken with each individual. The personal trainer produced an exercise plan/programme for each individual based on their needs and interests, and visited the workplace on a monthly basis through holding appointments with each individual on a 1-1 basis to monitor progress, discuss barriers and challenges, and keep their motivations high. This was closely supported by the company’s Occupational Health Nurse. The physical exercise tests and attitudinal/behaviour surveys were repeated after three months to ascertain the impact of the project.

The project successfully helped the employees to become more active and healthy over the course of the programme, as well as them showing higher levels of morale and physical fitness.

  • 82% of participants reported an improvement in their physical health

  • 91% of participants reported that their selfesteem had improved or been maintained

  • 82% of participants reported that their mood at work had improved or been maintained

  • 82% of participants reported that they had improved or maintained their concentration at work

The programme contributed towards improving the health of the workplace’s employees, thereby supporting economic development through the potential for increased productivity and business performance.


Thanks to the exercise program at work I have discovered one of the pleasures in life: to exercise. Before the program started I did not do any exercise at all. Now I run three times a week and try to go to the gym twice a day for ten minutes, it does not seem a lot but for me it is. I know that on my own I would not have arrived where I am. The inspirational speakers, the accountability to the personal trainer, the support from work and some of my colleagues in the exercise group have been the reason of my success. I am extremely grateful to have been part of this Vibrant Living program.

I really feel we are very fortunate to have such a holistic Vibrant Living program on site, which not only focuses on physical activities like exercise classes but allows us to improve in all health-related areas. It was great at the end of the program to see how my aerobic capacity improved as an outcome of keeping up with exercise and good eating habits.

- Workplace Inactivity participant, Procter & Gamble