School Games – We are happy to support any NGBs that would like to be involved in the programme, including linking them in with the School Games Organisers to develop competition pathways from levels 1-3.  The School Games is a national programme which aims to get more young people more involved in competitive sport, and we lead on the level 3 county-wide competitions, which includes both single sport, and multi-sport, events.

Primary Premium – We can help you to promote your sport to the primary schools in Tyne & Wear, all of which receive approximately £9000 per year of premium funding to improve their PE and school sport.  We have been commissioned by Sport England to help strengthen the links between primary schools and those organisations working in sport both locally and nationally and try to help ensure efficient use of the funding.

Active Workplace – We can help you to engage with local businesses and their workforce through our Active Workplace programme, which aims to get more employees more active, more often through sport.  Our Active Workplace programme provides NGB Officers with the opportunity to engage with a captive audience, and access our support to establish bespoke sports participation opportunities to cater for a wide range of employee interests.  Our ever growing list of contacts also enables you to promote your clubs, events and products to a large audience.

Sportivate – We provide the opportunity for you and your clubs to access funding from the Sportivate programme.  The programme targets 'irregularly active and consistently inactive' 11-25 year olds, offering them opportunities to take part in activity which links to sustainable provision in the community.

Disability – We can offer support to help you to provide and promote activities targeting people with disabilities through our wide Disability Sport Forum network.  We have excellent relationships with a large number of providers of disability sport, as well as organisations within the community that engage with disabled people.

Networking & Partners – We are able to help you to develop new relationships and connect with a wide range of partners.  We work with a huge network of organisations that can support you and help you to meet your priorities.