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Hundred's of Children Celebrate The Daily Mile™

On Wednesday 12 June, schools across Tyne and Wear took part in a mass Daily Mile to celebrate the initiative.

We wanted to encourage as many schools as possible to take part in a bid to celebrate The Daily Mile programme, which already has over 1.8 million children taking part worldwide.

The Daily Mile is a simple, free initiative that gets children physically active for 15 minutes every day by running or jogging, at their own pace, with their classmates, during school time, to help them become fitter, healthier and better able to concentrate in class.

Gary Young, The Daily Mile Local Coordinator, said, “The celebration day was a way for us to mark the importance of this scheme and recognise that many schools across the country, and the world, are already seeing the benefits not only for the health and wellbeing of their pupils, but as an improvement for the whole school.”

Olympic runner, Aly Dixon, visited some of the schools to run with the children.

Aly Dixon said, “I was excited to be supporting The Daily Mile celebration day.  It's a fantastic initiative and it is great see so many children getting outside, moving and being active. It doesn't matter if they don't cover the one mile distance, they just go as far as they can. Just getting outside and being active for 15 minutes has such a huge positive impact on their lives. Not only in a physical sense but also their mental well being, their ability to concentrate in lessons and their productivity. It also gives the teachers and support staff some quality time with the pupils outside of the classroom.”

Any school can implement The Daily Mile completely free of charge and without the need for staff training. Children can participate in their school shoes and uniform and no track or special equipment is needed.

To find out more about The Daily Mile, visit: www.tynewearsport.org/thedailymile