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Over 170 young girls aged 14-18 years old from across Tyne & Wear attended a ‘This Girl’s Future’ conference at Benfield School in Newcastle on 27th September. The event focused on showing young girls the positive benefits of physical activity and sport and highlighting that it doesn’t always need to be about being the best, but that physical activity can be fun, enjoyable, a great way to make friends, as well as having numerous health benefits too.

The day started with an excellent and inspiring speech by Katy Storie about her journey and the challenges she faced before representing England in the women’s rugby national team. The girls then took part in various workshops throughout the day, which involved team building skills, fun drills from netball and handball, as well as a marketplace where colleges and universities promoted their courses and activities, and the students were able to ask questions about furthering their education. Katy talked to the attendees about scholarships and GB middle-distance runner Laura Weightman was also present, providing fun circuit sessions for the girls.


Over the lunch period we also had keep fit classes, with the instructor using glow sticks to encourage the girls and emphasise that keeping fit can be fun and sociable. The girls had a great time dancing to music in the dark!

The day ended with Laura Weightman giving a fantastic closing speech about why you should always chase your dreams and never give up, no matter what set-backs you might come across.

‘I was delighted to be part of the 'This Girl's Future event' led by Tyne and Wear Sport. It was a great day, and a pleasure seeing so many girls there enjoying the event and trying different activities. We need more events like this to inspire girls who are not engaging in sport and activity to show them that there is something for everyone.’

The day was a great success and hopefully a lot of the girls were inspired by the deliverers and guest speakers.