Gateshead Older People's Assembly improve access to exercise for the over 50's

There is an ever growing evidence base to support the importance of exercise in later life and how it improves health outcomes and overall well-being.  Currently, there are many providers of exercise activities for people aged 50 and over across the borough of Gateshead. Some of these activities are well publicised and others are not. In order to gain a more comprehensive picture of the current opportunities available for the over-50s, we would like to request your support in identifying groups that primarily focus on physical activity.

Our aim is to map these activities so that we can work collectively to fill any gaps in provision. The data will be used in conjunction with a ‘heat map’ of people aged over 50 across the borough, so that we can identify areas where the need is greatest.  Going forward, this will ensure that over-50s in Gateshead have equality in accessing exercise activities for wellness and wellbeing. If you are a provider of exercise activities for people aged over 50 in Gateshead, please complete the attached survey form and return it electronically before 17th July. If you are aware of anyone else who provides exercise classes for over 50s in Gateshead, please pass on the survey form. Thank you.

Send completed forms to