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Funding Workshops Launched

During 2016/17 Sport England awarded club and community organisations in excess of 4 million pounds worth of funding through their small grants scheme; of the 635 successful awards 14 were from organisations in Tyne and Wear. Similarly of the 211 Inspired Facilities applications only six were from our sub region.

With each organisation receiving on average £7,500 from small grants and £54,000 from Inspired Facilities we are looking to encourage and educate groups within Tyne and Wear to apply for both Sport England and Big Lottery funding.

Tyne & Wear Sport can provide support, advice and guidance throughout the application process; we have previously supported a number of clubs and examples of their success can be found with Houghton le Spring Golf Club and Whickham Golf Club.

Due to the low number of applications being submitted, we are running a number of workshops focusing on the funding available and providing tips and insight on how to complete an application form.

The first workshop on Wednesday 14th June will look at Sport England Small Grants and The Big Lottery Awards for All funding, further information on these can be found below;


Sport England Small Grants:

The Sport England Small Grants programme will fund formally constituted not-for-profit organisations and statutory bodies including sports clubs, voluntary organisations, local authorities, schools or governing bodies of sport.

Grants of between £300 - £10,000 are available for projects which meet the strategic aims of Towards an Active Nation and include; 

  • Get inactive people to become more active
  • Develop more resilient sporting habits
  • Lead to more positive attitudes among young people
  • Develop more diverse volunteers
  • Improve progression and inclusion in talent development 

Projects must focus on those who are 14 years and older and be delivered within a 12 month period.

Applications are open all year round.

Please click here to book onto the workshop.


Big Lottery – Awards for All:

The Awards for All programme provides grants for grassroots and community activity that aims to improve the life of local people and their neighborhoods.

Grants of between £300 - £10,000 are available for projects which meet one or more of the Awards for All outcomes, which include;

  • People have better chances in life – with better access to training and development to improve life skills.
  • Stronger communities – with more active citizens working together to tackle issues within the community.
  • Improved rural and urban environments – which communities are able to better access and enjoy.
  • Healthier and more active people and communities.

Applications are open all year round and projects must be delivered within a 12 month period.

Please click here to book onto the workshop.


On Wednesday 5th July  we will be running a Community Asset Fund workshop, further information on this fund can be found below;

Community Asset Fund:

The Community Asset Fund is a fund dedicated to enhancing the spaces in your local community that give people the opportunity to be active.

Grants of between £1,000 - £150,000 are available, however larger grants of between £50,000 and £150,000 will be the exception. 

Sport England want to help local organisations to create quality and financially sustainable that benefit their communities for years to come. Which includes;

  • Improving and protecting existing sports facilities that support the needs of local communities 
  • Investing in new and different places that meet the needs of local communities, which include our target audiences 
  • Ensuring capital investment reaches organisations who have not accessed our funding before 
  • Creating a more resilient, sustainable, less grant dependent sport sector

Applications are open all year round.

Please click here to book onto the workshop.