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Big brand businesses finish top in the Tyne and Wear Active Workplace Games

Barclays team championed the Active Workplace Winter Games, run by Tyne and Wear Sport. The games were held at Silksworth Community Pool, Tennis and Wellness Centre on February 23 and are aimed at increasing sport participation within businesses. In total, seven teams from businesses across the region attended the event which also resulted in the runners up place going to Foundation of Light (Sunderland AFC) and Virgin Money.

The games were a great success and saw all the teams really pull together and display a strong sense of team work. Many of the different sports at the games catered for all abilities and also gave an opportunity for the employees to try a sport they might not have tried before.

Caitlin from Barclays said, “Being more active improves my day as I feel more refreshed when I get up on a morning. I’ve recently just started doing more exercise and it has made me feel so much better. The Active Workplace Games helps the Barclays team as it brings everyone together and when we get back into the office the next day, we all have great stories to tell about the event.”

During the event there was a lot of socialising between team members which will help build better relationships amongst colleagues.

Jade Craigs from Virgin Money said, “Some of us work in different departments and this event has bridged the gap between the departments. We have a better bond between people that we work with every day and also people in the other departments, which is going to make our working day better as we know everyone that little bit more.”

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Many of the participants competing at the games commented on the fact that exercise improves their level of productivity at work.

Jade Craigs from Virgin Money also said, “Being more active helps my working day as it relieves a lot of stress. Even getting out of the office on my dinner break and taking a 30 minute walk really makes all the difference towards my productivity in work.”

Craig Hodgson, Project Officer Workplace & Events said, “A healthy and happy workforce is proven to increase productivity and reduce absenteeism.  Tyne and Wear Sport’s Active Workplace Games is a great way to bring companies together to compete in a friendly and enjoyable environment in a range of different sports and physical activities.  Congratulations goes to all of the companies who got involved in this year’s winter Games, they all really embraced the event and were a credit to their employers and themselves!”

All of the photographs from the event can be found here.


1st place - Barclays

2nd place - Foundation of Light

3rd place - Virgin Money

4th place - NBS & Automotive Manufacturing

6th place - Team Stagecoach

7th place - Northumbria Coaliation Against Crime