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Independent Appraisal of CSPs

The independent appraisal of the future role of County Sport Partnerships (CSPs) was recently published. The appraisal was carried out by Andy Reed OBE following the publication of the Government’s Sporting Future strategy and Sport England’s Towards an Active Nation strategy and was designed to assess how best CSPs could deliver on the key outcomes established in both strategies. 

The evaluation took in numerous and wide-ranging views from across the sector. Six consultation sessions were held across the country and over 180 responses were submitted through the review website.  Overall, the appraisal concludes that CSPs and the CSP Network (CSPN) remain vital to the success of the sector in achieving the Government and Sport England’s objectives. However, the appraisal makes a number of key recommendations for improvement including: 

  • Greater clarity and consistency in the core specification for CSPs set out by Sport England
  • More flexibility to adapt the CSP offer to local circumstances
  • Continued, proactive review of CSP structures to ensure they remain fit for purpose 
  • Rapid intervention by Sport England where performance falls below the level expected and a light touch approach for those CSPs that perform consistently well 
  • Improved governance arrangements – including compliance with the forthcoming UK Sports Governance Code 
  • Clarification of the role of the CSPN to ensure there is a clear division of responsibilities with Sport England. 

Following publication of the Independent Appraisal of CSPs, Sport England announced that in September 2016 they will be seeking approval from their Board to extend existing funding agreements for CSPs, at the current rate, for an additional six months (April to Sept 2017). This extension is to allow time for consultation and the drawing up by CSPs of new funding bids. If this extension of funding is agreed, CSPs will, from April to July 2017, be required to develop detailed plans for core funding from October 2017 onwards. We will, of course, keep our partners fully up to date of any developments and seek your support in producing our core funding plan.

The CSP appraisal can be downloaded here.