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England Volleyball Talent Athlete Pathway Comes to the North East!

A new and exciting sporting opportunity has arrived in the North East. The Volleyball Future's Programme is aiming at not just those who have some experience but those who have never participated in volleyball before. The programme is open for both men and women between the ages of 12 and 20. The programme is happening at Sunderland City Space on Thursday 15th September 2016. 

For details of the tests and more details on the programme please refer to the Volleyball Futures digital booklet attached here.  All tests are raw physical measurements and there will be an opportunity to have a go at some volleyball after the testing is complete.

For those who reach the required levels in the testing there will be the opportunity to enter into the Volleyball Future’s programme which will involve 3 court sessions per week in the Sunderland/Washington area plus attendance at monthly England Volleyball training camps at their relevant age grade.  As you can see this is quite a commitment.  There is no obligation to enter the Volleyball Future's programme following successful testing if the athlete or parent are not prepared to make this commitment.  All participants will be signposted to their local volleyball club regardless of the outcome of their tests.

If after reading the information attached you have any questions, please contact me the Volleyball England Talent Team on talent@volleyballengland.org