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Active Workplace Partnership with Murton Equestrian Centre


14 June 2016


New Partnership is a Galloping Success

A new partnership is giving more people the opportunity to get active through horse riding.


Murton Equestrian Centre has teamed up with Tyne & Wear Sport to offer people the chance to try a new activity and develop an active lifestyle. The partnership has already led to six new riders taking part in the first course earlier this month.


Participant Jo Moffett, said, "We progressed so quickly due to the expert tuition, support and instruction provided by Leigh, Emma and Becky. Big thanks to all the volunteers who gave up spare time to help us and give calming words prior to each trot. We could not have achieved so much so quickly without their kindness."


Jasmine Danby, Active Workplace Manager said, "When we have asked people what sports or activities they would like to try, horse riding has been a popular choice. We knew that Murton Equestrian Centre could offer high quality training courses and a great experience for beginners, which led us to creating this partnership and it is off to a fantastic start."


The course has proved to be so enjoyable that four of the riders are continuing to ride at the centre in order to improve their skills. Additional courses are now being arranged so that more potential riders can take up the reins. 


Tyne & Wear Sport's Active Workplace programme aims to get more people into sport and activity by engaging with them at their place of work and offering a wide range of activities to try. So far over 1800 employees from businesses across Tyne & Wear have taken part in activities ranging from Archery to Zumba.


For more information please contact:

Xerxes Setna,


0191 4972322 or 07791 933509