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The new 4 year forecast Sport England Coaching Strategy Plan

The Coaching Plan for England has been developed following an extended period of consultation and research to establish a series of guiding principles, commitments and actions that will cultivate a community of coaches that are so inspiring and motivational that our active nation is drawn to participate. The Coaching Plan for England represents a ‘call to action’ for everyone in the coaching community in England to modernise how we think about coaching and how we talk about coaching. It is a challenge to transform how we find good coaches and how we support them. It is a quest to find new ways to improve the quality of coaching and extend its reach.

Turning the Coaching Plan for England into a reality will take creativity, courage, collaboration and leadership. Most of all it will take the skill and ingenuity of you, the coaching community:
your ability to understand the people you engage with; your experience of working in difference places and spaces.

Together we have the skills and resources to develop coaches capable of providing excellent experiences - engaging and rewarding experiences that bring a host of benefits: health, confidence and new abilities for the participant; pride, respect and new opportunities for coaches; cohesion and expanded horizons for communities. Together, we can change the way people experience sport through Coaching in an Active Nation.


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