Newcastle Vikings Handball Club hosted free family handball sessions on Wednesdays throughout September at Benfield Centre for Sporting Excellence. The sessions consisted of mixed activities from basic ball handling skills, fitness and playing the game of handball. Throughout these sessions, we had 11 children and 9 adults participating. The attendance was very good for handball, which is a minority sport in the area.


Head Coach at the club, Marlen, commented “It was great fun to get the parents involved together with the children. I think it worked very well, it was such a positive environment to coach in. Everyone enjoyed themselves and was tired at the end of the sessions. Also, I think by seeing parents participating, the children became more secure and wanted to challenge themselves when seeing their own parents giving it a go.’

One parents who attended the family sessions praised the sessions, saying “Excellent session, great for the whole family to do an activity together. The children enjoyed scoring goals against their parents. The session actually helped to improve the children’s skills.”

Two children who took part said “It was fun to play handball with my daddy. I like to score goals at him” and “It’s got a few more people involved and it’s good for younger ones to learn a new sport that they haven’t heard of before.”