Golf club targets schools to inspire a new generation of golfers.

Houghton le Spring Golf Club is targeting schools to inspire a new generation of golfers by providing a free taster session to schools with their professional golf coach.

Kepier School were the first to try out the taster session and they received expert coaching from professional golfer, Graeme Robinson. The students got to grips with the golf clubs by learning the basics of the skills and techniques involved in golf before getting to put their new found skills to the test on the golf course.

Ann and Mags who are committee members of the golf club said, “There was a mixture of girls and boys that took part and the feedback from the session was so good. We would love to see more schools doing exactly the same.”

“The aim of the taster session is to introduce the students to golf. The majority of participants from Kepier had never picked up a club so it was refreshing for them to learn something different. Long term, we hope that schools will attend more often as the sport teaches them the art of discipline which will help them in all aspects of their lives.”

The taster session took part on the academy course which opened last year and is now providing opportunities for junior and beginner players to get into golf, without paying the full membership.

“Sometimes it’s difficult for young people to get into sport, especially if their family are not sporty and so we are bridging the gap for young people by getting them into golf. Quite often people find that golf is expensive, but we have changed this by providing the option to pay a couple of pounds to practise on our academy course, using our own equipment. We have a couple of students that attended a taster session and then became members of our golf club, which is a great result for us.”

Ann and Mags are also keen to highlight to schools that taking part in golf can give students a career pathway.

“We have a good number of young people here at the club. Some of them are very talented and have gone onto scholarships at Ramside Golf Club through their college.”

Any schools that are interested in the taster session, please contact Ann and Mags by either email, or telephone, 0191 584 1198.