Club Focus - Loop Table Tennis Club

We got an insight into the brilliant efforts of one of the players at Loop Table Tennis Club. Sophie not only plays but she also dedicates her time to helping out whenever she can at the club.

We had a fantastic morning at Loop Table Tennis Club, culminating in our celebration of Sophie being presented with her award.

She was joined by Ethan Brown, Alfie Belton, myself, Neil Wilkinson (Club chairman and coach) and her big cousin Jordan Dove.

Sophie said "I can't believe I have won this award, I'm so happy. I love to come to Loop to play and help out in the tuck shop. I also enjoy helping the younger players with their game.  I am really looking forward to this season where I aim to improve on my current ranking, but will still enjoy volunteering at Loop on a Sunday."

Her Grandparent Val Lough said, "I didn't think Sophie would stick with the game when she first came along with her cousin Jordan. She has a natural ability to make people feel welcome, and I am very proud to have two grandchildren who love the sport as much as I do.  It's great to be able to do something as a family on a weekend."

Angela Wilkinson (treasurer and club development) said "Loop Table Tennis only survives with the help of many club volunteers.  Sophie has been here since she was 9 and at first helped in the tuck shop and with the register.  Now Sophie helps every week, making suggestions for fundraising, how to make our environment better, and supporting new members.  Sophie gets on well with members of all ages from 6 to 90.  She is never short of something to say, and always puts a smile on our faces.  Sophie has also improved vastly in the last two years and now has gained ranking points after competing in a number of tournaments.  She is a fantastic ambassador for the sport.  We are very proud of her".