We are talking cake culture!

That’s right; we have set out some tips to combat cake culture and also suggested some ideas to change the habit of having a rich tea with your brew. After the storm of the Great British Bake Off, office cake culture has never been more popular with us Britons but a staggering 4 in 10 people will be considered dangerously overweight by 2025. Maybe ditch the slice of Victoria sponge after all!

Public Health Hazard of Obesity Crisis

Obesity levels have soared over the decades and so much so, that it results in around 30,000 deaths in the UK. The government has taken this statistic on board and has recently introduced the sugar tax which limits the amount of sugar supplied in food and drinks. This is a big step in the right direction as health experts stated that the sugar tax can help bring obesity levels down.

It is obvious that obesity in Britain is a crisis and people that lead a sedentary lifestyle are the main cause for increasing weight. Watching TV, driving instead of walking short distances and taking the elevator instead of the stairs are all problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle. The public need to change their habits by getting more active to lose weight and be more aware of what they are eating to maintain a healthy life style.

Beginning to change small habits such as reducing the amount of ‘cake culture’ in the office, and resisting eating a biscuit with your cup of tea is a step in the right direction. Resisting food can be very difficult for many of us when there is something as tempting as a piece of cake, but by replacing the sugary food with fruit for example, we are turning bad habits into good habits.


It’s not just our waist lines that are suffering; our teeth are too with the amount of sugar and low nutrient foods we consume. The Faculty of Dentist Surgery has released a statement which strongly asserts that eating cake and biscuits at work is fueling poor oral health and obesity.

The Faculty of Dentist Surgery also suggests some tips to combat the ‘cake culture’ in offices by considering low-sugar alternatives, reduce portion sizes, avoid snacking, keep sugar as a lunch time treat, keep a schedule to monitor sugar intake and think about where treats are positioned to make access to them more difficult.

Saying no to office treats

While it is very satisfying having time out of your busy day with a slice of cake, there are healthy alternatives that still fuel your sugar buds. This Moroccan Orange and Cardamom cake only has 9g of sugar for 10-12 servings, while this Berry Almond Bakewell only has 2g of sugar for a serving of 12 slices.

You can find many more of the mouth-watering cakes with alternative ingredients online at BBC Good Food.