Sport & Mental Health

Most of us know that exercise keeps us in shape but people forget that exercise can help the things we can’t see, like our mind. Being physically active improves our overall mental well being as it keeps us relaxed and allows us to feel stress free. We are going to take a look into some of the mental health benefits of taking part in sport and physical activity.


Exercise improves our mood

Exercise makes us feel happier and more relaxed which improves our overall mood. People with or without mental health issues can really benefit from the feel good factor that exercise delivers upon our mental state, as it allows us to relieve added stress and makes us more energetic as we get fitter. Activities ranging from working out in the gym, playing sport or even taking a long walk to get some fresh air, are all examples of what we can do to improve our mental well being.

Concentration levels are better

When our concentration levels are low, we are sometimes impartial to turn to exercise as we aren’t sure that this is the solution to improve our concentration levels. Exercising improves our brain function which improves skills including critical thinking, learning and judgement which in turn makes our concentration levels sharper. This is important for employees at work as concentration levels need to be good in order to perform to their best ability.


Exercise can reduce stress and depression

When we exercise, our bodies release endorphins that give us a ‘feel good’ factor which reduces our stress levels. This natural way of making our mental state of mind better is something we should all consider every day. Even if we are busy, making time to go for a quick walk around the block or even do some stretches in your garden on a nice evening is a quick and easy way to take a minute to de-stress.

Exercise makes us sleep better

A better night’s sleep can be related to exercise as our muscles become tired and so does our brain, making us switch off better for sleep. We all know that a better night’s sleep makes all the difference as the next day you feel more energised and ready to face the day ahead. Therefore making exercise an important part of our daily routine, prepares our mind for a better night’s sleep.