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How technology has made exercise more convenient

One of the main barriers to physical activity has been inconvenience as for most workers, parents or students; they simply do not have the time to keep fit. Brands have recognised this factor within the fitness market and have catered for a range of ways to get around the inconvenience barriers.

Time is a big barrier for most people. After a long day’s work, it’s really hard to find the motivation to go out and do some exercise. For parents, the simple fact of child care is very much a barrier and students also have a lot of precious study time to prioritise in the evenings.

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But cue a transforming office branch for the brand Virgin as they have transformed an old store room into a packed out static cycle bike room for spinning classes. Employees on their lunch breaks can use the room which has a virtual coach through a projector. Aiming to prompt an active, engaged workforce, the company has revolutionised the methods around these factors as Virgin have recognised and found ways to overcome the barriers to exercise. This is not the only provider that has started doing this, as up and down the country organisations have started to integrate the fitness at work method. Take a look at this virtual team spinning class:

So you may want to rethink about that old store room or an unused floor or space!

Although it is a luxury to have a gym facility onsite, for most businesses it is simply just not feasible. Founder and CEO of Hootsuite, Ryan Holmes, discusses how he doesn't believe a company has to have a gym on site but that he has always encouraged staff to exercise at work. Exercise at Hootsuite is offered before, during and after work and Ryan states that he can see his team more refreshed and better focused on the job:

Apps & Trackers

A Pedometer is an old fashioned way of calling the modern Apps and Trackers and it is fact that the piece of equipment reduces overall BMI and also lowers blood pressure, according to this study. There are a number of other ways technology is helping to make exercise more convenient. Another way to motivate yourself to exercise before or after work is the use of apps for your mobile. Being able to see in facts and figures your progression of weight loss, fitness increase or miles you have ran, motives people into trying harder and maintaining their goals.

Many people dread the idea of keeping track of their calorie intake and nutrition intake as it can seem like such an effort. But calorie and nutrition analysis has never been made easier with the likes of brand giant Under Armour, combining forces with My Fitness Pal. Throw out the old paper calorie counter and use an easy system at the hands of your phone. The use of this app is targeting and accomplishing the concept that people don’t watch what they eat because they don’t have the time to or because it is not that important. The app, and many similar ones, are so readily available on your phone and you can use them anytime, anywhere.

Personal Trainers

TruBe have created an app for personal training that lets you view a personal trainer’s time table without having to ring them up, which is great for last minute sessions. This is also great for personal trainers themselves as it organises the time table for the personal trainer as they are usually so busy and the app also sets reminders about up and coming sessions.

Wearable Technology

Wearable fitness technology has taken the market by storm with fitness bands and smart watches. The idea of fashion meets fitness analysis has become a key motivational factor for some, as people can wear the device while they work or go about their day, as well as wearing it for exercise. So the fitness tracker can kill two birds with one stone by looking fashionable but doing its job.

In a nutshell..

More and more people are demanding the easiest route possible to access sport and physical activity. The virtual touch button easiness of booking a personal training session or jumping into a spinning class on your lunch break is just the beginning of the technology storm for motivating our physical activity needs.