Wrapping Up Summer 2017

As we draw to the end of summer 2017, we should take the time to reflect on what we did during these warmer days and longer evenings and the good memories made so far, this year. It also gives us the opportunity to start planning our autumn exercise routines.


Preparing for the start of the dark nights and cold weather, is the key to keeping motivated to work out over winter. If we go from exercising all the time during summer to then missing more and more sessions through autumn, the winter will be quite difficult.

Meal times are also something to consider when motivating yourself throughout winter. Making more warm, healthy meals will warm you up and these little changes to your diet will make you last the winter with your training.


Below are a few extra tips to consider when motivating yourself to exercise through the winter:

  • warm up thoroughly for at least 10 minutes, go for a brisk walk or jog and then stretch your muscles.
  • make sure you are warm when going outside, invest in some base layer clothing designed to keep your temperature just right. Heat escapes through your head so wearing a hat could also be beneficial.
  • a 10 Minute home exercise workout can be more motivating than leaving the house.
  • there are some online videos that you could use to work out at home.
  • gym free workouts without weights and other equipment is also another option to consider, and can be used on your dinner break at work if you want to free up your evenings.
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