How Tyne & Wear Sport Exist 

We are one of 44 county sport partnerships across the country. We are funded and supported by Sport England, other national bodies and a wide range of local organisations. You can find out more about the CSP Network by clicking here.


Who are Tyne & Wear Sport?

Tyne & Wear Sport is a charitable company limited by guarantee, incorporated in March 2010. The company was established under a Memorandum of Association which established the objects and powers of the charitable company and is governed by its articles of association.

How does Tyne & Wear Sport work?

Tyne & Wear Sport is committed to improving the quality, range and fairness of sporting opportunities. To achieve these objectives we are involved in the planning and delivery of various projects designed to increase participation, coaching and volunteering in sport across the sub region.


Company Registration Information

Company Registration Number:

Charity Registration Number:

Articles of Association

Our team at Tyne & Wear Sport come with a diverse range of skills that enable us to be successful in our programme delivery


Adam Brougham

Assistant Director -

Clubs & Workforce 


Craig Hodgson

Project Officer -

Active Workplace 

Jade Mackie2.jpg

Jade mackie

Club Development Manager 



ruth nicholson

Coaching Development Manager



Alex Fothergill

Project Officer -



David Marrin

Assistant Director -

Participation, Equity & Safeguarding 


laura watson

Communications & Information Officer



xerxes setna

Assistant Director -

Communications & Insight


Claire LEe

School Sport Development Manager



Ian Simon

Executive Director



rebecca bennett

Project Officer -

Finance, Admin & Insight


The following links will provide you with information about who we work with

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Our relationships with NGB's are what makes access to sport and opportunities for people happen. 

College & Universities 

We have connections with further and higher educational establishments. 

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school games organisers 

Primary schools can access support from their district School Games Organiser.

local authorities 

We work with local authorities to enable the best opportutnties for sport in Tyne & Wear. 



To increase the quantity, improve the quality and widen access to sport and physcial activity in Tyne & Wear


Lifelong enjoyment, fulfilment and well-being through sport and physical activity


Our core values that exist within our culture are: excellence, respect, leadership, achievement, customer focus, integrity, equality and teamwork.

Support Communities:

Promote the health of individuals and communities through increased community participation in sport, active recreation and physical fitness.

Educate upon Physical Activity:

Advance and further the education of the public in relation to physical fitness, nutrition, active recreation and lifestyle.

Provide Facility Space:

Provide or assist in providing facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation, physical education or other leisure time occupation.

Re-enforce Safeguarding:

Advance the education of the public, particularly, but not exclusively those working with children or vulnerable adults, their carers and families, and children, young people and vulnerable adults themselves, in child and vulnerable adults protection.

Advance other Charities:

Support such other charitable purposes beneficial to the community and consistent with the objects set out above.


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We work with a wide range of national, regional and local partners to develop policies and deliver programmes to encourage more people from priority groups to get more involved in sport, whether that be playing, coaching or volunteering


Some of the national sports equity organisations we work with are listed below:

Our Equality Policy and Equality Statement, which have both been formally approved by our Board of Trustees, can be downloaded below.

For further information about the our equity work please contact David Marrin on 0191 497 2324 or via email,

Our dedicated team of board members are helping to shape the direction of Tyne & Wear Sport

Andrew Walton Chair

Andrew Walton


Eugene Milne Trustee

Eugene Milne


Susannah Webb Trustee

Susannah Webb


Craig Heap Trustee

Craig Heap


Hilary French Trustee

Hilary French


Colin Mitchell Trustee

Colin Mitchell


John Dias Trustee

John Dias


Deborah Percy Trustee

Deborah Percy


Steve Duncan Trustee

Steve Duncan



You can view related documents to our board which includes:

  • Board Diversity Policy
  • Board Reports

Sport and physical activity can harness the chance to make people's lives healthier and happier. Our programmes are designed to give people in Tyne & Wear those opportunties 



Club Network

Through our clubs, we can deliver upon our vision of making sport and physical activity more accessible by building strong relationships with local partners.

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Active Workplace 

With rising health implications throughout the country, we strive to create new habits for workers to increase their physical activity. 

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School Games

Sport not only keeps us fit and healthy, but also provides us with opportunities. At primary school ages, what better way to get children into sport than through School Games.