Press releases – accessing traditional media (newspaper, TV, radio). We have good contacts with the local media and can help clubs / NGBs / organisations to get their stories into the press, such as special achievements, significant results, special events, milestones etc. These can also be used by the NGB/partner for their own purposes. 

Social media – We can help to set up social media pages (Facebook, Twitter or other). We also provide advice on how to make the most of their social media accounts.

Websites – We can help to create a new website for clubs/organisations. The website gives the user full access to the content management system so they are in control of the content. They can create the menu structure, add and remove pages, add and edit text and also insert pictures, videos and links.

Promotion – We have a North East club and activity finder system on our website. We encourage clubs to submit their details so they appear in searches. Also if they have any up-coming events these can be promoted on the activity finder, and we will also promote them using our own social media accounts.

Insight and information – We have access to market research information which can be used to help to inform project planning around a particular facility or area, for specific sports. Can also be used to support funding bids/grant applications. Information about the types of people in a particular area, levels of potential demand, local statistics such as levels of participation broken down by different demographics.