Evidence shows that people with mental health problems are more likely than the general population to be inactive, yet they often face additional barriers to becoming active. The Get Set to Go programme was launched by MIND, with the support of Sport England and the National Lottery, in July 2015 to help people with mental health problems benefit from being physically active. Get Set to Go was all about helping people to get active. Over 3,500 people participated in the programme within eight local Minds located across England. People who took part in the groups became more active, exercising on average 1.3 more days each week after getting involved. Those who became more active also felt more resilient and able to cope.


June’s story is an example of the positive impact of the programme. Aged 67 and having had depression for 20 years she did not exercise until a friend persuaded her to attend a Get Set to Go session organised by Tyneside & Northumberland Mind. June tried a variety of activities including table tennis, boxercise and sitting volleyball but it was indoor climbing that proved to be the most rewarding activity. Being physically active has increased her confidence and self-esteem and thereby helped her to take control of her life.