Topics to include:

  • This page will include the link to the active workplace games, courses and events.
  • The employer info graphics can be included somehow. 
  • Blogs discussing the benefits of having a healthy, active workplace and tips/ advice on how to create a more active workplace.
  • Instead of having three individual paragraphs discussing all of the programmes, have one report that explains active workplace on a whole. Topics to focus on in the report could include:
    • Current trends in business:
      • Examples of businesses that are successfully adopting an active workplace and the benefits they are being rewarded with. Hootsuite for example have a good report on their active team.
    • Current issues affecting public health:
      • Obesity
      • Heart disease 
      • Arthritis 
      • Mental Health 
    • How and why active workplace can improve these issues.

Employers should know

Research has proven that employees have returned to work after exercising feeling refreshed and that productivity levels have increased. Exercise can be used in such easy and simple ways to boost morale, productivity and health that this puts into perspective how valuable your employees lives should be. That people, organisations and society may depend on exercise. 

It all starts with having the right workplace culture towards health and exercise. If employers try to foster a culture of fitness into the workplace, the benefits towards the company will become apparent through improved employee producitivty. 

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Why put health & wellbeing first?

Obesity, arthritis, mental health and death by weight related diseases are on the rise as people are leading a sedentary lifestyle with little or no physical activity involvement. This has significant effects of employees work performance with sick days increasing and concentration levels decreasing.

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Top game changers

According to the NHS's latest report, 58% of women and 68% of men in England are obese. With this statistic in mind, some businesses have recognised just how vital fitness is to overall health and have incorporated fitness into the workplace.

"Fitness has become one important thread that helps tie the company and its culture together." - HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes

Successful marketing company Hootsuite made small changes in the office to provide employees with a culture of fitness, they now have their own gym with shower facilities and even a hockey and road biking team. Changes in the workplace can be as easy as 45 minute gym classes on your lunch, running clubs straight after work before you head home or a bike to work scheme if you live close enough.

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