Newcastle Hockey Club

Inspirational coach Elaine Langman and next generation coaches Louise Harris and Erin Cocks were nominated by Helen Hodgson Head Coach at Newcastle Hockey Club to receive the #PassOnYourPassion baton.

Helen said she had nominated Elaine because: "Helen joined our club as junior coach two seasons ago. Her commitment to providing junior hockey is top class and our numbers have grown over the two seasons - we now have a waiting list! Elaine has entered the teams into competitions and they have had great success. One real benefit of having Elaine as our junior coach is that she is able to encourage our 'older' juniors to coach and lead the juniors. This has helped to develop their leadership skills alongside giving role models to our juniors. Elaine encourages more people to take part in the sport and for the last two years she has run a summer hockey training camp to give yet more opportunities for the boys and girls in Newcastle to play hockey." 

Elaine is passing her passion for coaching on to Louise Harris and Erin Cocks.

Louise joined the club this year after previously playing for Northumbria University and before that living and playing in Kenya. Louise has been volunteering with the junior sessions for most of last season as well as volunteering in local schools.

Helen told us: "Louise has a lovely way with the youngsters and they clearly enjoy working with her.  Next academic year Louise is going to be completing her teacher training in Newcastle to become a History teacher. Hockey is her hobby, but working with young people is her passion.  She is keen to continue working with the youngsters in the club but needs the support to gain more experience/qualifications."

Erin has been a lifelong hockey player. She joined the Newcastle Hockey Club in 2016 when she moved to the area to study at university and very soon, the club asked her to help coaching with the younger teams.

She told us: "I love seeing them progress and start to understand the game better. It's great to see them having fun, playing the sport that I love."

We will now be working with Elaine, Louise and Erin to support them to achieve their goals in coaching and personal development. 

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