Kayak - Speedstroke Kayak Ergometers

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Equipment purchases - Ergos 3.JPG

Kayak - Speedstroke Kayak Ergometers

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Price is per Kayak Ergo machine, per day; currently one Kayak available.

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Kayak Ergometers come complete with an adjustable shaft to not only alter the paddling resistance but to be able to get a user-specific kayak feel. They are fully performance calibrated and give the same “on-the-water” feel as real kayaking and canoeing.

Kayak software is also available for head to head competition which can be displayed on your chosen screen (not provided).

Recommended Safe Working Area - 343cm (l) x 175cm (w) x 178cm (h)
Suitable for indoor use only.

Target age range: 11 – adult

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