Club: Collingwood Tennis Club

Award: David Pope

Role: Club Secretary, Match Secretary



David has been awarded the Pass On Your Passion baton for his valuable support in running and organising the Collingwood Tennis Club. He helps ensure that many aspects of the club run smoothly for the benefit of all members.

In addition to being club secretary David is also match secretary, meeting with the local leagues to ensure that senior members participate at all levels of competition. The membership of the club comprises of players of all ages and abilities.

Collingwood Tennis 1.jpg

David has been involved with the club for 11 years and volunteering has always been an important value for David.

David said, “I think it’s important to help as much as I can with the club and I want to help others enjoy their sport.”

Many of the members of the tennis club had never tried tennis before they got involved with the club and the welcoming approach of David, has enabled them to keep motivated in playing tennis.

Neil Carmichael, Committee Member said,”David’s attitude to volunteering encourages other people in the club to help in various ways. He encourages committee members to attend club meetings that take place during the year. He leads by example and undertakes all of his roles in a positive and friendly way.”

There is a strong community setting within the club and people of all ages and abilities are always welcomed by David and the other members.

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