What Tyne & Wear Sport does

Tyne & Wear Sport is committed to improving the quality, range and fairness of sporting opportunities. To achieve these objectives we are involved in the planning and delivery of various projects designed to increase participation, coaching and volunteering in sport across the sub region.

Support Communities:

Promote the health of individuals and communities through increased community participation in sport, active recreation and physical fitness.

Educate upon Physical Activity:

Advance and further the education of the public in relation to physical fitness, nutrition, active recreation and lifestyle.

Provide Facility Space:

Provide or assist in providing facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation, physical education or other leisure time occupation.

Re-enforce Safeguarding:

Advance the education of the public, particularly, but not exclusively those working with children or vulnerable adults, their carers and families, and children, young people and vulnerable adults themselves, in child and vulnerable adults protection.

Advance other Charities:

Support such other charitable purposes beneficial to the community and consistent with the objects set out above.