We have developed a specific website for paid and voluntary coaches within Tyne & Wear and those who are interested in becoming a coach. Tyne & Wear Sport's coaching and volunteer network is free to register and receive a range of benefits which include:

  • paid and voluntary coaching opportunities

  • Coachmark accreditation

  • qualifications & training opportunities

  • funding information

  • discount on selected courses, workshops & services

Coachmark - is a coach accreditation scheme to verify that coaches working in school settings meet the minimum standards for coaching. The scheme provides schools/organisations employing coaches with the evidence the minimum standards have been met.

Coach Bursary - aims to create new or better qualified sports coaches in Tyne & Wear. The scheme is managed by Tyne & Wear Sport and will financially support people to either become newly qualified coaches or to improve existing coaching qualifications. We can fund 75% of your course, up to a maximum of £300.

Bookit.org.uk - Book It is the course booking system for those involved in sport in the North East. Anyone can search, register and pay for a variety of courses covering subjects such as safeguarding, first aid and equity, as well as a variety of sport specific courses. 

Volunteers – Volunteer Match is a new system of matching local people with clubs and organisations who need volunteers to support the work that they do.