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Inspirational coach Charlotte Dinsdale and next generation coach Lily Petts were nominated by head coach Steve Sharp at North Tyneside Barbells to receive the #PassOnYourPassion baton.

Steve said he had nominated Charlotte because: "Even with her full time career within HMRC she still helps develop our junior weightlifting squad ages 8 - 15 and attends regular competitions around the country.  She has been crucial in the growth of the club and as the majority of the members are female, she brings a whole new level of understanding and empathy to the club."

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Charlotte is passing her passion for coaching on to 17 year old Lily Petts, who is described as a future superstar within weightlifting and very keen to pass on her knowledge.

Lily told us, "I have been a member of North Tyneside Barbells for two years come October. I currently help assist coach the junior barbells class and take part of the senior classes. Since joining NTB I have watched my body change; my self-confidence is through the roof because my coach has pushed my body beyond its limit and I'm forever grateful. As a result of his hard work and seeing the joy he gets out of it, it has inspired me to want to be a coach. I too want to be able to make other people as happy and as confident as I am now through my role as a coach."

We will now be working with both Charlotte and Lily to support them to achieve their goals in coaching and personal development. 

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