Tyne & Wear Sport Case Studies

In accordance with Sport England’s strategy Towards an Active Nation, it’s our belief that increased participation in sport / physical activity has considerable potential to improve quality of life. We believe in the ability of sport and physical activity to deliver the following beneficial outcomes:

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Physical wellbeing

From helping to prevent and manage medical conditions to reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, the benefits of sport and activity on a person's physical wellbeing are profound.


Mental wellbeing

Physical activity can reduce stress and anxiety, with the mastering of new skills often increasing confidence and self-esteem.


Individual development

Evidence clearly shows that being active improves educational behaviour and attainment, through greater self-esteem, confidence and direct cognitive benefits.


Social & Community Development

We know that people who volunteer in sport are more likely to feel they belong in their area, and people who take part in sport are likely to enjoy stronger social links with other people.

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Economic Development

In the past, the economic value of sport has been looked at completely separately to the other benefits sport can deliver.

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Our campaign to recognise the hard work, dedication and passion of the coaches, volunteers, officials, groundsmen who help run our local clubs in Tyne & Wear.