Tyne & Wear Sport supported Bede Community Primary to submit an application to the Sport England Primary Places. They were successful in securing £30,000 for a new Muga which would increase physical activity for the students at the school and for the community.

As a result in the purchase of the new muga, the school are going to participate in the Quicksticks Hockey Tournament, which they have never been able to do before since the muga arrived.

“Staff are far more likely to take children outdoors for their lessons because the facilities are available, meaning that many more children are receiving sports outdoors. We have also seen much greater participation in sporting activities from all year groups and more girls are also choosing to use the new facilities”.

We supported the school in helping them write their application, and gather all the relevant information. We had regular meetings with the school and as well as supporting them to write the application we also offered a letter of support, and contacted other relevant organisations to support the funding bid.