We established our Active Workplace programme to help businesses encourage and enable their employees to become more active by providing a wide range of courses and events which people of any ability could participate in. The motivation for workplaces to get involved is that good health is good business and that being active is an essential element of being healthy.

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Our objective is to support workplaces to create more active and productive workforces, benefiting from reduced absenteeism, increased morale and greater team working.

We continued to work with employers from a wide range of organisations and industries in the public and private sector. We have worked with them to survey their employees to find out what activities they would be most interested in trying. We then worked with local coaches and clubs to facilitate activities in locations and at times that are best for the employees. In addition, we ran an events programme where the businesses could take part in sport and physical activity and compete against other companies in fun competitions.

We have worked with over 50 organisations and provided activities for 1000 employees.

Employers have told us:

"Taking part in the Active Workplace programme has had a very positive effect on our workforce. Everyone looks forward to the events and the whole office get behind our team. It has definitely improved staff morale."

And through regular surveys, participants have told us that:

"I feel that participating in the Active Workplace programme has positively affected my health and well-being. For the sessions I attended, I felt I benefitted from the experience and increased my work ethic and drive."

"I started with Zumba, then joined golf (which I now love). Because of the confidence and motivation these activities have given me I have joined a work 0 to 5K running club."