Tyne & Wear Sport, alongside the partners involved in the Tyne & Wear Disability Sport Forum, agreed that the month of September 2018 would be used to launch ‘Active Disability Month’ to boost physical activity levels for people with disabilities. Active Disability Month was used to promote the great work being done within disability sport in Tyne and Wear and to try to make sport and physical activity more accessible. In order to make the campaign as successful as possible a number of initiatives and events were arranged;

  • a networking event at St James’ Park, bringing together disabled people’s organisations and disability sport providers, to develop relationships and engage more disabled people in physical activity.

  • a survey to assess what sport and physical activity opportunities disabled people would like to see in Tyne & Wear, and what barriers to participation they face.

  • the delivery of an Inclusive Communications Workshop by Activity Alliance to help organisations to tailor and adapt their communications to be able to reach a wider audience.

  • a ‘Pass on Your Passion’ campaign to celebrate the work of individuals and organisations that help to encourage more disabled people to become more active

  • an activity calendar listing all disability sport and physical activity sessions on offer throughout September.

  • a social media campaign using the hashtag #activedisabilitymonth


St James’ Park Networking Event

In partnership with Newcastle United Foundation, we organised a disability sport/physical activity networking event at St James’ Park. The purpose of the event was to promote and develop links between disability organisations/charities and sports organisations within Tyne & Wear, to help enable and encourage more disabled people to become more active and experience the many benefits that sport/physical activity has to offer. A wide range of organisations attended the event as stall holders, representing a number of sports including wheelchair basketball, boccia and fishing. The event has led to some excellent new relationships being formed.

Inclusive Communications Workshop

We organised an Inclusive Communications & Engagement workshop, which was delivered by the Activity Alliance. The workshop focused on the key principles of communicating effectively with disabled people. Topics covered in the workshop included; appropriate terminology and tone, communication requirements under the Equality Act, alternative formats of communication, and social media guidance.

Pass on Your Passion

POYP Disability Sept 18 Collage.jpg

Following on from its successful launch in 2017, we decided to make the ‘Pass on Your Passion’ campaign an integral part of Active Disability Month. In keeping with the theme of the month, we looked for outstanding coaches, volunteers and organisations who make a significant positive impact in getting disabled people in Tyne & Wear more active. We were delighted to recognise eight award winners from five different organisations.

To read more about all our winners, please click here.

Disability Sport and Physical Activity Calendar

We launched an online disability sport and physical activity calendar, highlighting a significant number of opportunities for people with disabilities to take part in a variety of different sports and physical activities across Tyne and Wear over the course of the month. In total the calendar listed 145 sport and physical activity sessions covering a wide range of activities including archery, wheelchair rugby, swimming, multi-sport, wheelchair basketball and football. The sessions were delivered by numerous organisations such as Newcastle United Foundation, Smile Through Sport, Sport North Tyneside and the Foundation of Light.